Season 2015/16
Concert Beethoven's Symphonies

Guillermo García Calvo

The famous Symphony written by Gioachino Rossini for his opera Aureliano in Palmira was reused later for his Elizabeth, Queen of England and The Barber of Seville; it introduces the precious Sonata n. 4, offered by the then twelve year old musician to bassist Agostino Triossi that in summer 1804 hosted him in his estate at Ravenna. After the four original versions of the Ritirata notturna di Madrid by Luigi Boccherini, overlapping and transcripted for orchestra by Luciano Berio for the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in 1975, the program ends with the Symphony No. 4 by Ludwig van Beethoven. "A slender Greek maiden between two Nordic giants", as it was defined by Robert Schumann comparing the titanic Eroica and the Fifth Symphony, behind whose radiant smile seems to hide a mysterious restlessness.


Gioachino Rossini
The Barber of Seville, Symphony
Sonata IV in B-flat major for strings

Luigi Boccherini/Luciano Berio
Four original versions from Ritirata notturna di Madrid by L. Boccherini superimposed and transcripted for orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony n. 4 in B-flat major op. 60


Guillermo García Calvo

Thu 4 February, ore 20:00

Stalls 1 € 50
Stalls 2 € 40
Stalls 3 € 30
Limited visibility € 10

Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Piazzale Vittorio Gui, 1
50144 Firenze

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